Client Testimonials



“Leigh Sugar works very hard for her clients & she is open to suggestions. She is knowledgeable, resourceful and has high business integrity.”

“Leigh is fantastic. I have already recommended her and will continue to do so. Bottom line for me, this was my 3rd purchase & my first sale. I don’t have a huge executive home that would net a sales representative large commissions; however, Leigh treated me like I was a King. Very respectful. She listened – Very important! I never felt left hanging. I never felt pressure to sell when I wasn’t ready. I never felt like she lost interest and would brush me off for the next sale. When I am ready to sell again she will definitely have her sign on my front lawn. “


“A very positive experience. I was very anxious about selling my home, but Leigh helped our family by listening and guiding us through our biggest step and investment in our life.”

"Very Satisfied, Highly Recommended"

"She had great knowledge of the area we lived in, attention to detail, and our interests at heart."

 “Leigh was very responsive & attentive. She did all the things she said she would do. Her service was exceptional.”

 “She spent a lot of time with us and made sure the other agent was doing his job. She is a dedicated professional with expertise in home building, finance and real estate. A triple treat!!”



“David was able to sell my property within the first week for 100% of the asking price. He priced the property perfectly and I am extremely grateful the transactions were completed so quickly. David handled the negotiation very professionally and secured the terms I desired.”



“Taylor was able to accurately establish a value for my property and ensured I received a good value when I purchased.  I am definitely happy with my decision in hiring the Sugar Team and could not have asked for better representation.”



“It was the best decision we had made.  I had told people as soon as we met her that even if she didn’t sell the house, we liked her; her style approach; dedication and work ethic.  It was truly was a great experience being associated with her.”



“On first meeting Leigh it was clear that we didn’t need to consider any other agent.  While being eminently professional and knowledgeable, what struck us most, was the integrity she projected as someone who would only do what was right for her client.

She provided support, referrals and other services that made our experience almost effortless.  But most of all, her integrity remained upfront and clear.  I would not hesitate again to engage Leigh in the sale and purchase of another home.  I would also recommend her to any of my friends or family.”



“You are the most professional, capable agent that I have are prepared to spend money to market which sets you apart from the competition”



“Leigh did everything top notch - excellent print material, multimedia, actively advertised and always had a team member available.”



“Taylor was extremely knowledgeable and researched the home we wanted to buy very thoroughly. I was particularly impressed in how much due diligence we completed before firming up on the home. After he presented all the market information and research I felt comfortable that I received a good value.”



“Leigh Sugar is one of the few very knowledgeable, patient and professional agents that also cares about her customer!.”



“Working with David Fletcher is awesome! He is a good listener, great personality and he treats you with honesty and respect.”



“This is the second investment property Taylor has been able to secure for me and I am extremely happy to add another cash-flowing rental property to my portfolio. I look forward to working with Taylor for many years to come.” Phone: 905-836-1212  Mobile: 416-505-3040  Fax: 905-836-0820  Toll Free: 866-773-9595
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